Baby Steps

I have finally got to the part where I can sit and tell you MY story of how my life changed some five months ago. It was the most beautiful moment I had ever experienced and life just keeps getting better alhamdulilah! I simply can not remember how I was ever without my Jana. (or how I spent my time!)

The fact that I’ve just got the one little munchkin might be the reason for a lot of optimism in my coming posts. Yes I am still loving every coo, every agh, even every wail! I want to share these moments on this online, very public, diary of mine. Maybe I can learn a thing or two about being a mother by sharing my experiences or maybe even impart some wisdom. (I feel so grown up!)

My baby is approaching her half birthday soon and has already taught me so much in this little life of hers. Does every parent feel like their child is a genius?

Let see how this unravels.


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