Not Such A Super Mummy Afterall

Ever since I thought about starting a blog again, I kept picturing myself as super mummy tackling a successful blog/career, a house in perfect order shining from top to bottom, delicious meals to serve the husband ON TIME and of course taking care of the baby single handedly. It might just be an illusion I get from a lot of mums, but I picture them to be just this.

Let’s break this down now. I wake up to the dirty dishes in the sink from the night before. I’m putting this down to Ramadan. In the evenings by the time everyone’s eaten they’re all too tired to clean up and I’m rushing to get into bed before baby J’s up again! So back to the dirty dishes. I will most probably leave them in there and prepare breakfast (for myself and baby J) which means even more dishes to add to the pile. Once baby J’s done with her breakfast it’s like a buffet tornado just swept past our kitchen and left splatterings of all sorts of food on the floor, table, chair, my clothes and most probably my hair too. I take the baby to watch a little telly at this stage (this is something I am not particularly happy about but sometimes I have no choice!) and I will clean up the hideousness of the kitchen. This is followed by a feed and tidying up of the bedroom and nursery (a toy here, a nappy there).

*Baby monitor goes off. Fifteen minute recess*

Ok where was I? Oh yes! Did I forget to mention I live with my in laws? I know you’re probably thinking “What’s wrong with this girl?” The truth is I ask myself this all the time. I have a certain (very high!) expectation from myself. It’s almost as if I need to prove to myself that I can do everything on my own and I’m not taking advantage of the fact that I’m surrounded by loving family and friends, Alhamdulilah.

Moving on to ‘preparing delicious meals served on time’. I need to get myself organised. There was a time when this was the most creative time of my day – planning my meals! That was also the time I was eating ‘clean’! The most prep I do now is thinking of what stage 1 food to boil to pureè into baby food. Don’t get me wrong, I love preparing baby Js meals too. Just waiting to introduce some more items into her diet though. How much fruit and veg can someone have?

Taking care of baby J is my favorite past time these days and thanks to my amazing support system I am able to give my 100% to this tiny pea. She loves walks (we have about 2-3 in a day depending on the weather) we spend a good five minutes on every item that fascinates her (red candle in my room, window blinds) and before I know it, it’s time for bed again! My day revolves around her and consists of chores FOR her or BECAUSE of her. I’m way too clingy and I’m not ashamed to admit it!

After all this I would seriously struggle to fit in time for a career of any sort. Maybe I’ve just become a little lazy and cozy in my bubble here or maybe there’s a better plan for me. I’m meant for something bigger and better! (a girl can dream, right?)

Tell me all you amazing mums out there – How do you do it? Is it purely the drive to do everything for your family that gets you going? What makes you get up every morning ready to tackle a new day?


2 thoughts on “Not Such A Super Mummy Afterall

  1. eeda says:

    First of all, im SOOO GLAD this is a public blog and ur choosing to share all this with us. And me. I always here that having a baby is a lot of work BT its good to read and know exactly how life changes after having a little one, ESP while living with in laws…which is tough I can imagine. That is part of the reason why we have delayed/rethinking when we want to have kids while living with in laws because it def. Gets complicated and u can’t fulfill the demands of both families adequately enough. Ur insight is definitely helpful and hits close to home knowing it comes from someone I knew so well so many years ago . always thinking of u and dying to see baby Jana, also please keep writing, we def. Need a sisters community in such things…

    All my love


    • Sara I Saqib says:

      Thanks for commenting fareeda! It’ll help me know what my readers would like to read about, I feel like I need to share every little experience as I don’t know who it might help! Thanks for the encouragement keep reading 🙂


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