Dropping In To Say Hello

As the summer holidays approach the finish line, mums rush to get last minute details taken care of, a haircut, that little hole in his uniform that needs to be sewn up, getting children back into their routine of sleeping early in the evenings, I can’t help but smile inside knowing I’ve still got a while before I’m rushing around too!

For now, I’ve got a big holiday planned (Jana’s first holiday!) in a weeks time. I’m a huge jumble of emotions. Nervous. What if i forget to pack an essential item of babys Js? What if she doesn’t fall asleep through most of the journey (like everyone keeps telling me)? Panic. Will we get to the airport on time? Is it too much to drive 3 hours to the aiport then catch a 10 hour flight? Excited! Because I love airports and traveling. I can’t wait to experience this with Jana.

I’ve got to get back to the here and now, the early mornings and late nights. The poopy wiping, the tomato sauce on the ceiling, the endless smudges of grease I have yet to discover, the struggle to erect the pram for the omteenth time, the panic everytime I’ve run out of creative mealtime ideas and now rushing to get dinner made on time, the giggles in the early hours of the day, the private moments we share that will forever be just ours, Jana and mine. I never did like routine and now I’ve got what I asked for. A chaotic, unpredicatable, keep-me-on-my-toes life, Alhamdulilah. Which reminds me, I’ve got to get back to it!



3 thoughts on “Dropping In To Say Hello

  1. Keeeks says:

    Just wrote a biiiig fat comment but it just disappeared somehow aghhh but anyways what i wanted to say was AGHHHHHH finally a proper pic of my J’Bananaaa ( haha i sooo expected one with her tryna eat something lol) I miss her sooo much(you too sara haha ) even miss her crying ) And her eyesss OHMIGAWD so pretttyyyy even Nigga billay was saying that and he usually never gives compliments.
    & Thanks for sharing Mother Sara ❀ aka " your face is uggs" & keep posting we all want to see more of her esp us who usually never get to see her.


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