Our First Plane Journey

Yes, I know it’s been a long time since I last posted. Three weeks to be precise! (Actually it’s now four weeks due to constant distractions and pondering on publishing this draft!) I’ve been away to the farthest west side of the world – California! In between all the shopping sprees and sun soaking, I couldn’t (didn’t) make time for blogging. I’m back on home ground, although baby J and I are still recovering from jet lag, and eager to share my travels with you! I’d asked new and experienced mums about their travel tips before I left as I was so anxious and had no idea what to expect with baby J on her first plane journey. I got a lot of similar responses: breast feed/give her a dummy on take off and landing! There was me thinking ‘Jana would never feed unless SHE wanted to and she has never taken a dummy before either (The right side at least).’ So, naturally, I was a little nervous, to say the least.

The most important thing to do when unsure about a certain issue or task at hand is to plan. That’s exactly what I did. I realise that when it comes to babies, it’s all very unpredictable but there’s no harm in being prepared for every eventuality right? So I started running through Jana’s typical day at home, jotting down items of food, clothing and toys that she uses on a regular basis and would help her feel more calm on the plane journey. (‘What to pack when traveling with a baby’ post coming soon.) I’ve got to say, I never once had to open up the hand luggage to use all the extra extra bibs and diapers and grows in there, thank goodness. All the extra planning and packing sure helped calm me down!!


We started with a two and half hour journey to the airport (All the way to London Heathrow!) which went smoothly because baby J had a nice long nap. At the airport, we found out just how difficult life can get without a high chair to strap a baby into in order to feed her! There was food everywhere. Luckily I’d packed an extra pair of clothes for myself too so I didn’t mind hanging around in green baby food stained clothes until we got to our destination. By this time our flight had announced they were boarding everyone onto the plane (Yay!) and so we made our way excitedly onto our seats all ready to fly. It was time for Jana’s second nap of the day and our flight was delayed by and hour and a half and no, we did not get off the plane. They had us sitting there for an hour before telling us the reason for our delay. I told myself I would not name and shame but I can’t help it! British airways is the worst flight I have ever been on! A ten hour journey and they only offered us one tiny meal with no snacks. I’m a hungry woman with a little baby to feed! Isn’t this just pathetic? Any way, moving on before I go on a really long rant. Jana had fallen asleep and only woke up after the plane was steadily flying in the air. Whew! No crying during take off! That went better then I’d expected. She played on the bouncer that the flight offers for babies. Baby J probably only slept from 2-4 hours total on the flight. Which I thought was brilliant considering all the new things she had to explore and look at! It was hard not to compare her to the baby sitting next to us, who slept a good 8 hours straight! I was having a good time with my pumpkin though so I tried to push that thought right to the back of my head!

Jana didn’t have much of an apetite throughout the journey. Is that generally what babies do? Or is it just breast fed babies who stay on the boob as and when they please during flights? I would love some insight into this please. I packed all sorts of snacks and pouches and also prepared some meals at home to take with me. Jana didn’t have any usual meals though just a few biscuits and water.

Landing was pretty smooth too. Little miss munchkin had to peep out the window to see where we were going and why it kept getting louder as we approached the ground. Our journey home was a night flight. I assumed it would be easier for her to fall asleep but when I think about it, it’s so uncomfortable sleeping on a plane, why would it be any different for a baby right? Or is it just me? Well, she slept for a good 4-6 hours. She found it easier to fall asleep in my arms (Which was exhausting!) I only had a half hour sleep that night and the following day just felt so long. Baby J behaved herself though and never once complained! Yeah, okay, she did cry a few times, but she’s a baby! How else will she tell me what she wants. When she’s that amazing, she can do what she wants.

Β Jana

It’s been a wonderful three weeks exploring a new world with my little baby and meeting family across the globe. She loved the whole experience too! She loved the fact that everyone wanted to talk to her. She loved the fact that there were numerous people to look at and so many new places to go. She loved spending so much time with her daddy and (I think) wondered why he was always around when in the past he seems to disappear for the latter part of the day! She’s a little trooper, she is. We’re just having trouble getting over our jet lag. Baby J seems to think going bed at 11pm is a good time. For now, I still have the energy to stay up that late and manage night feeds too. I’m hoping this doesn’t last much longer though because I will collapse!

Life is so much more interesting with a little person in the picture and I’m so grateful for every second.


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