Baby J’s Kitchen – Recipe Of The Month

When it comes to food, there are specific things that baby J loves to eat! However, she goes through set periods of time where she’ll eat well for a week and barely eat one meal a day another week. Just when I start feeling smug and gloat over Jana’s ‘achievement’ of finishing an entire plate of chicken and vegetables, she knocks me down and makes me work harder to gain her trust all over again in order to allow me to feed her majesty. She’s an amazing piece of art.

When I’d first introduced chicken, she was amazed at this new taste and seemed to love it! She went through an entire week eating the same meal day and night because that’s how much she loved it. The recipe was pretty simple really.

1 Chicken Drumstick

1/2 Carrot

1 Broccoli Flower

20g Rice

1 Clove of Garlic

Butter to taste

Add all the ingrdients above in a pot. Cover. Let it cook until chicken is nice and tender. Blend it all together. Add a generous knob of butter. Serve warm! If your baby has moved on from blended food, just mash it with a fork to allow larger lumps to form. (Jana is transitioning from blended foods)

I found that her highness baby J loved the salted variety of butter! There was me trying to be all healthy and waiting to introduce salt or sugars into her diet. (Although I do realise fruits have natural sugars.) I recently added a few baby spinach leaves into the mix and she enjoyed that too. If your baby likes this too then it could be a good idea to add a new vegtable to the mix, one that your baby is finding hard to accept. Start with smaller amounts so he/she doesn’t refuse it all together!

Fish was a hit with Jana too! Only tried it a couple days ago, so I’m still looking for a good recipe that she can accept.

I can’t believe how over excited I get talking/writing about food.


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