I’ve Got a Teething Baby..Help!

My cry for help falls on deaf ears. No one has advice for mums with teething babies because there is nothing you can do to help them. You just have to wait it out! It can be so frustrating! Especially when all baby wants is mummy. All. The. Time. Her meals have dropped. Her weight has dropped. She’s found a higher note in her voice. She’s on the verge of taking her first steps, which means she’s too excited to sleep. It just hits you all in one go! I’ve become ratty (due to interrupted sleep) says my dear husband, who by the way has been extremely caring through out this whole situation. *sigh* just got to wait it out.

Hurry up little tooth.


6 thoughts on “I’ve Got a Teething Baby..Help!

  1. Karen says:

    For the gums, try using a carrot stick. Not only is it healthier than a suda or some of the options parents use, it helped baby’s irritated gum. Just make sure you’re holding it and it’s large enough not to break if she bites on it. It worked for me when I had my daughter 15 years ago. I found that tip in a British baby book.


  2. April says:

    uggh! I hate teething! I have three children and have always said that babies should just be born with teeth! We used the teething tablets which seemed to help with my kids. Orajel never worked for us.


    • Sara I Saqib says:

      I completely agree! I just want to sit and cry with my baby because i dont know how to help! Ive used bonjela which works for a minute then she just swallows it anyway and were back to square one! Thanks for reading April ๐Ÿ˜„

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