No One Likes Change Except Babies In Dirty Diapers

Just when I thought I’d done well to establish some sort of routine with my little rugrat – BAM – it all goes out the window. That ‘BAM’ was a growth spurt in case you missed it. Baby J has started doing all sorts of manoeuvres (but she refuses to crawl!). She’s rolling, she’s doing a commando crawl (basically dragging her whole body across the room to get to her toy), she even does a better downward facing dog then most yogis! She planks like no tomorrow and has even begun to hold herself up to stand. So the sudden change in her sleeping pattern shouldn’t really be a surprise. Her excitement carries on into the night. So many new things to practise everyday, so little time.

I find myself waking up almost every hour most nights. I’m starting to look like frankenstein! If you thought you had no time when you first had a baby, think again! You have to be on constant guard and look out for anything that can potentially be harmful to your child. Even something like a lid can be dangerous. Baby J will sing whilst shoving the lid deeper into her mouth until she accidentally catches her lip on the fastening clip and bawls like a maniac.

I’ve heard (it’s almost a myth) that the right training can help you and your baby get better sleep but this requires for your baby to cry it out. Areyakiddinme?! I’m not brave enough to go through that sadly. I attempted it one night, when I’d had enough, only to give up five minutes into it. She keeps trying to stand up in her cot, which she’s not mastered yet, therefore keeps falling over and sometimes banging her head on the sideboard. I can’t exactly stand outside her room when that happens! So I just gave in. I’m silently praying this will eventually go away as they get older and I will, one day, get a full nights sleep.


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