My Baby is Glued to My Hip

There comes a time in a baby’s life when they discover strangers which leads to fear which then leads to a very clingy baby! I’m not making excuses (or maybe I am) but the last two weeks baby J’s been the clingiest ever therefore I’ve not had a chance to visit my blogging world.

Yesterday’s event was probably the first time I had difficulty with baby J in public. There are always alternatives to when a baby disagrees with what you are making them do! In this particular situation I had no alternative. It was an innocent visit to the health visitor. All I wanted to do was get her weighed (so we have a nice graph going in her little red book) and all the little miss wanted to do was ‘talk’ to all the babies in the room. She had some lovely ‘conversations’ with a couple of toddlers, even snatched a toy away from one of them (oops). She was very content in crawling around the room singing in her best voice. When our number was called, my husband and I walked to the table and I slowly (fearfully) started undressing Jana.

There’s something you need to know about this baby. She has never liked lying down. That’s right, never! Since she was a couple months old, I’ve had to invent ways of feeding this baby because lying down and drinking milk was not an option!

So there I was ready to lie her down on the scales and of course, she would not. She refused to let go of me long enough to put her down steadily on the scales. That was a disaster. But hey, here’s to surviving another day! It’s some skill trying to put a nappy on properly when your baby’s crawling around!



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