Paris brest

I realise I don’t have time (don’t take time out) to do more then take care of my 10-month old but this pastry made my mouth water and reminisce about my baking days! I’m making a note to start baking again one of these days and this is on top of my list! How delicious does it look guys?

Chef in disguise

Paris brest with pate  a choux swans

The November Daring Baker’s challenge took us for a ride! Luisa from Rise of the Sourdough Preacher challenged us to make Paris-Brest, a beautiful pastry celebrating the Paris-Brest bicycle race.

A Paris–Brest is a French dessert, made of choux pastry and a praline flavoured cream.The pastry was created in 1910 to celebrate the Paris–Brest–Paris bicycle race which began in 1891. The Paris brest is always shaped like a circle. The circular shape is supposed to represent the bicycle wheel.

paris brest challenge

The filling for the Paris brest is usually Creme mousseline  — also known as German buttercream — if you are not familiar with it, it is this heavenly, silky and decadent combination of pastry cream and butter. I love pastry cream, it is my favorite filling for cakes, knafe, and Mille-feuille and up until this challenge, I honestly thought that there was no way that you can make pastry cream any better.

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