Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining

My husband had planned to take a week off from work so that we could take Jana to Winter Wonderland in London, go shopping at the Trafford centre and basically do all the Christmassy things you can think of. I absolutely love London this time of year so I guess it was more for me but as you may or may not know, no matter how much you plan something, when it comes to babies things tend to go the other direction more often then never. A couple of days before this week finally arrived baby J got unwell with a high fever. I have to admit it got scary when she refused to eat for 3 days and wouldn’t take her medicine either! Then came the diarrhoea, the vomiting and finally the flu. This week still hasn’t ended. We’re sitting at home with a poorly baby, mummy and now daddy too.

Baby J turned 10 months last week (Gosh how time is flying!) So we decided to take a little trip to Nottingham maybe go shopping have a nice lunch out after being at home for so long. She was so upset! She wouldn’t stop crying, wouldn’t sit in her car seat or her pushchair and clung to me for dear life. We thought, ‘how did our daughter go from being the nicest thing on this planet to a little monster?’ It was upsetting for us (mummy and daddy) that we couldn’t spend time together as a family but we went home not wanting any further fuss. I noticed that baby j kept wiggling her tongue about and thought maybe some oral gel will give her some pain relief from the never ending teething! I stuck my finger in her mouth and HALLELUJAH we have a tooth! Yay for my little baby girl! She’s worked hard for this little sucker. She even knows how to use it already. My baby’s all grown up.



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