I’m Biased But My Baby Is A Genius

The end of the year reminds me how thankful I am of all the blessings in my life, Jana being the biggest blessing of all. It almost brings me to tears when I think she’s not a baby anymore! (Well,almost.) the last month or so have been super crazy with teething, the flu and the whole scene going on here. I feel like a social recluse. My friends text me on New Years night to join them at an intimate gathering but instead I was jamming with my iPad mini in my jammies on the floor of the nursery because our bedroom was freshly painted and that was the closest place to baby J I could find to ‘sleep’. (If you can even call it that.)

I’m exhausted and cranky all day long. I dream of going to sleep and waking up when I wake up!

I’m at the point where I’ve sussed out all I need to in order to sleep train my baby! Has anyone tried it? Any tips or tricks you’d like to share? I’m getting desperate.

The one thing that has brightened up my day after weeks and weeks of, well, baby stuff, is the way Jana communicated with me today. She finally signed! I mean she’s been pretty good at recognising signs (especially milk) and says bye-bye to herself in the mirror every morning but she’s never looked me in the eye and asked for something using sign. Today was the first day she signed and knew exactly what she was asking of me! It took her longer then I expected but we got there. Hoping for less frustrating times with my bubba where we both don’t know what the other wants!

Yay for baby signs.


2 thoughts on “I’m Biased But My Baby Is A Genius

    • Sara I Saqib says:

      She wanted milk! She doesnt make direct eye contact but giggles when i ask her if shes signing for milk so thats a yes!! Inshallah well see you soon and show you all our progress πŸ˜†


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