How To Make Her Big Day Memorable

I’m trying hard not let this become a habit. The part where I don’t write for a few weeks and come back apologising for my absence. I have an amazing little fan base which makes me jump with joy inside. I know it’s only because you want to know or see more of Jana so I promise (promise promise!) to try and be more efficient with my posts.

What’s new with Jana you ask? She turned one! Hooray!


Here’s a little something to oggle over. The birthday girl had the best time with her friends only retreating for a quick nap and returning to the party refreshed.

Despite everyones warning that babies tend to be very fussy and irritant on such a busy day, we handled it pretty well! Apart from having such a good baby (say mashAllah) here are a couple of points I thought helped make the day more enjoyable for her:

1. Environment – Jana tends to get very fussy with a lot of new faces, as do most babies. Keeping this in mind I decided the best environment to celebrate her big day was right here at home. This way I had everything I needed, she had her own toys, her tv (not encouraging this but mamas got to do what mamas got to do!) When things got too much for her I would take her to the side, into her room and calm her down before returning again.

2. Nap time – baby J doesn’t ever sleep when we’re out and about. She’s way too excited and needs to look at everything so naturally when it comes to feeding she’ll be too interested in exploring. Which is frustrating because if shes well fed I’m a calm mummy. Being at home helped the fact she could feed and have her nap for a good 40 minutes which automatically eliminates the grouchy baby!

3. Calm mama, calm baby! – It’s a first birthday! They won’t remember it, but you will. So make it relaxed and enjoyable with a few people you love and make it memorable. I find when I’m calm and relaxed I can handle Jana better. Being at home gave me an upper hand at being organised and making sure baby J had her nap before her guests arrived. It doesn’t have to be super busy and super expensive to be fun!


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