Mummy Not Fully Functioning

I totally take my husband for granted. I really don’t mean to. Even when I know just how much he helps me out, some days I just want to scream my head off at how lazy he can be! The reason for this quite sudden realisation happened today but let’s take it back a day and see how events unfolded.

So it’s half term and Jana’s cousins have been off from school. We decided to take them all to the indoor water park at Thorpe park. I had never been before so I didn’t know what to expect. (If you didn’t already know by now, I panic quite a lot. A. Lot.) It was a really nice indoor area for children of all ages. Jana loved that I took her out, the fact that her cousins were there and most of all, the water everywhere! I spent the entire time bend down to her height to support baby J so she wouldn’t slip while running around the whole area. (After an incident we had on holiday, I was being extra careful). She tired herself out quite quickly so I decided I’d better get her changed and fed before she got cranky. The changing rooms were an adventure all on their own! Changing baby J was the easy part. Keeping her still while I changed was the hard part. I was super organised (and super proud of this fact!) I got a little treat out for her sat her on the changing table (safely!) and stuck the iPad on in front of her with the one no only peppa pig! Yay! I could do this on my own. She had a little something to eat and slept on the journey home. Couldn’t have been more successful then that in my opinion!

I felt the aftermath of all the running around before bedtime. I had completely exhausted myself and was finding it difficult to stand up straight. I’ve had issues with my back in the past but this was different. I couldn’t walk upright. I couldn’t hold anything heavy. Most importantly I couldn’t carry Jana! Two days on and I’m still struggling only recovering during her nap times enough to last a few hours. Lying here on the sofa I realise how much I take my health for granted!

Getting to the point now about how my loving husband has been helpful. I’ve noticed how he’s taken it on himself to do odd things to help with Jana which gives me a lot more time to myself. He now does bath times with her when he gets home from work, spends ages playing with her, reads to her and even tries to help with meal times but that’s a grey area for even professionals so let’s not go there! Bascially he’s been doing all this since before i hurt my back, it only occured to me now when I needed her to be handed to me in order to do feed times etc.

I’m still not better but Alhamdulilah for the family I have to get me through this time!


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