It’s a Jungle in Here

There are too many nights spent waiting for the baby to go to sleep. These days she fights it like a lion fights for it’s territory. Only giving in when defeat is imminent. It almost feels impossible, somedays, to tame this wild cat. She’s always had two naps. Lately she’s been trying to get away with just one which results in her getting exhausted by six o’clock and ends up catnapping for twenty minutes before returning again to roam the house. No amount of rocking or nursing can put her back to sleep. (It used to work!) This means she’ll be up past ten o’clock usually. Which also means no alone time for mummy and daddy!

My husband and I scrounge for a moments peace as if we were hyenas waiting for the big beast to retreat to it’s den before scampering to find a morsel of food from the remaining carcass. We don’t have any conversation left. We sit in silence only to look to at each other and say, “I miss her.”

As with everything that comes with babies, the good, the bad and the downright ugly, I’m know it’s just another phase that will only last a couple of weeks. (Feels like a couple of months). I have actually stopped comparing her good/bad habits to other babies because it’s pointless. (And a bit cruel, I’ve learnt) Every baby is unique in their abilities to do what they do (or eat however they eat). When I’m at a low I can’t help but compare and long for baby J to just jump in my arms and fall asleep without a fuss.

That day will come too. For now, it’s a complete jungle here.


Little miss ‘I’m not eating anything today, blame it on teething if you want’.


3 thoughts on “It’s a Jungle in Here

  1. Tanzeem says:

    As I read this I feel your anguish, and can’t help but to say you have put my feelings into words! Especially the bit where trying to Find a bite to eat and a moment together. (Tonight has been one of those nights).


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