Week 1 – A Five Week Challenge

Ok, so I don’t know if challenge is the correct term to use here. I’ll explain and maybe you will understand better! My mother-in-law has gone to Pakistan for five weeks (for a relatives wedding) and I am in charge of the house. I’m in charge of keeping the boys fed (father-in-law and hubby), keep baby fed and clean, house clean..you get the gist. This, to me, was a nightmare to even think about!

There was a time when keeping myself fed seemed like a chore! Then I got married and tried to please hubby by learning to cook and keeping him fed. (Only some days..other days MIL would do the cooking) now with a baby, thinking of meals is the biggest hurdle in the day! I’m glad I’ve had this opportunity to allow myself to experiment and grow while learning so many new things.

I’ve managed to be super organised and super tidy (didn’t see that coming!) whilst cooking and keeping an eye on baby J. Here’s how I kept myself on top of everything:

1. Hubby has been super supportive and it helps that he’s off three days of the week (when he’s not doing out of hour shifts). We did our groceries; meat, vegetables, fruit, baby snacks on the day MIL left, for the entire week. Although we still made a couple visits to the local market for milk through the week, we didn’t have anything major that we’d run out of mid week. That was the cooking essentials taken care of.

2. Cooking needed to be done first thing in the morning when I have the most time and while Jana watches her morning cartoons (it’s always Peppa the silly pink pig). I’ll cook our meals and Jana’s meals at the same time which would last us at least two days and maybe another afternoon.


3. Just before mid day is Jana’s nap. If she sleeps for a couple of hours I can do ALOT in that time with a little to spare and kick back for a few minutes (even time for a new blog post!) These things I do include: laundry, cleaning up some more, ironing, cleaning the fish tank is a new thing on my to do list thanks to my big brother! (Birthday present for Jana).


4. Afternoons can be tricky. This is where we have too much time to do nothing. I’ve tried to do different activities with baby J; we went out for our regular walks, took her to the library for rhyme time, also took her to the park for the first time although it was too cold to do anything, we even just drove down to the supermarket because Jana loves being in the car!

5. Evenings are the most hectic. This is when everyone is hungry and waiting to be fed. I’ve tried to make meals (traditional dishes) that my father-in-law enjoys with some roti, which is time consuming but at least he’s happy. While I’m making the rotis I have a tiny person stuck to my leg with the remote control in her hand asking for the channel to be changed. A few minutes later she’ll wander back in the kitchen because I haven’t followed her out and she’s confused why I’m not paying more attention! Once FIL is fed, he’s off to work and hubby is home. Hubby will eat and I will attempt to feed the baby. I have to admit past few meal times she’s eaten well, fingers crossed, this will become a habit!!


Alhamdulilah, things have gone well so far. I’ve kept it all together (including my emotions). Me and hubby even have time for a movie some nights and not just part of the movie but the ENTIRE movie. I never thought I’d see this day again! Now let’s all say mashAllah and wish me best for the week ahead because I’m extremely superstitious of talking about all the good things in life! (The minute I say Jana sleeps through the night, she’ll be up all night the following night just to prove a point!)

What does week two hold for me? Hmm..


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