Week 2 – The Challenge

I never quite made it to the end of week two not because I had a meltdown and couldn’t cope! Mainly because I kind of came to stay with my mum for a week..but more on that next week! For now let’s review how I did this week.

Our week started off with Jana’s twelve month immunisations. Not the best way to start the week but my little pumpkin handled it so well! I’m such a proud mama. She cried of course. She does this thing where she’ll go over all her vocab when she’s really upset. It went something like this, ‘No. Mama. Dudu. (Milk)’ all the while signing with her hands. She settled down quickly though and we decided we could go for our weekly shop after all. Yay. Teusday I took my little champion for a treat to a local garden centre where they have lots of fish and a soft play. She had good fun with the fish, even approached another kid to play in the ball pit with her. Her favorite, however, was Bob the builders truck! She sat in it and kept moving the steering wheel as if she was driving it!


Bob and Jana

I got some fancy stuff from the garden centre to clean out our goldfish tank (it’s filthy considering I cleaned it not so long ago) It looks a lot less filthy. At least the water looks clear. Teusday, Wednesday, Thursday: I ended up cooking all three days. Sheesh.

I’ve been making rotis (flatbreads) for my father in law as often as possible, as he enjoys those the most with his dinners, and I’ve got to say I’m getting pretty good. Check out how round they are! They were tasty too, if I may say so myself. Not bad huh?


Roti Skill

I had to do a quick shopping spree in town before I left for London later in the evening. The day was spent mostly packing our things (way too much baby stuff) no cooking today. I’m sitting in the car now, with Jana fast asleep in her car seat and my brother fast asleep in the front seat, looking forward to an exciting weekend! (Don’t worry, my husband is driving the car and he is wide awake!)


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