Bad Mummy


It’s approaching a week since I came to visit my mother in London and Jana has refused any kind of food. ANY kind. Nothing goes into her mouth. It will hover near her mouth before she decides against it and smushs it up, flinging it away somewhere. She’s had a fever too, on and off. Must be the jabs she had last week. Or is it teething again? She’s had another tooth come since we’ve been here. Or is she just homesick? Whatever it is, I’m not being nice. I’m refusing to co-operate as she refuses to co-operate with me when I’m trying to feed her. I’m being a bigger baby than her. I was hoping things were normalizing as her naps and sleeping habits got better but we’re back, yet again. I seem to be more impatient every time she takes a U-turn to roads I thought we left so far behind. I don’t want to be impatient and grumpy all the time. Bad mummy.


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