Dreaming of a Far Away Land


Islamabad is one of the most beautifully organic cities, bursting with culture. It is vibrant and bustling with city goers and at the same time has one of the most amazing landscapes I’ve ever seen. The highest peaks and freshest of airs.

As a child I remember running freely in the streets of F-10/4 with the hot blazing sun tanning my skin to the darkest of browns. As a teenager I discovered the trails taking you atop the lush green hills – breath taking views and the home of where my love for the outdoors began and grew. As a married woman, I explored the night life in shisha cafes and ice cream parlors filled with students and youngsters.

The people of Pakistan would be a great contributing factor to why I would chose to study here. I would want to study in a field that would involve me spending a lot of time in the moutains, maybe with animals.

The prompt: If I could study abroad, where would it be? By the Daily Post.

<a href=”https://dailypost.wordpress.com/dp_prompt/study-abroad/”>Study Abroad</a>

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