Week 3 – Cheat Week

As you all know, I went to stay with my mother for a week last week. I realise this does not count as a challenge and so I’m calling it my cheat week! I had the most amazing time visiting friends, spending time with my mother and older brother and not having to do any housework!


Nani and Jana

Having been back a few days ago, this post is coming a little late due to the endless amounts of work I had piled up when I got back home. Strangly though, my husband had kept the house in reasonable condition and yet I still can’t get the housework under control. Grr. Anyway more on that later.

Jana started this thing where she just screams really loudly when she’s unable to communicate what she wants or just plain screams if anyone is near me. She’s extremely possesive of me and it’s becoming quite ridiculous really. She spent the entire week very agitated, refusing to eat a single bite of food but suddenly being extra nice to everyone as if she knew how she was behaving and wanted to make up for it. She grew to love the tortoise my brother keeps in the conservatory in our home. She’d wake up every morning saying ‘tortle’ and go have a chat with them.

She’s learnt three nursery rhymes, doing all the actions and all, she’s added three new words to her vocabulary (three seems to be the theme of the week) she’s had two new teeth come through and now likes to lie down while watching television. This is probably the biggest step towards her growing up because she never likes to sit for even a second!

I always miss home and I could tell baby J missed it this time too. She was very upset when she couldn’t find the turtles one morning when we got back and cried until I distracted her. Her messed up meal times got me thinking I needed a new strategy which I put into action as soon as I hit home ground. I’ll go through the details of it on another post.

I’ve got sleep to catch up on!! Adios.


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