Week 4 – the Struggle

I have fallen behind on my impecable organisational and management skills that I maintained for, what I thought, was the longest time. Now all I can think of is ‘When can I put my feet up and take a break?’ I’m constantly bickering and moody. (Maybe this is normal?) I can not stand any comments or suggestions my husband directs at me, whether it’s to do with Jana or not. I had poorly organised this weeks meals and so ended up cooking almost everyday. (Ugh)

My cheat week has backfired. So badly.

So, how do I plan on getting back in the game? I honestly don’t have a clue. I’m a freak when it comes to mess. So I guess I’ll end up clearing the pile of clothes I said I wouldn’t touch. The goldfish are still alive in a relatively clean tank. Jana is fed (and watered). Hubby is kind of irritating me by watching either the football, cricket world cup or any sport ever. (How much sport can one person watch?) I’ve managed to calm myself down enough to run the week ahead, without all the whinning. Thank goodness for that. It tires me out being so moody.


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