Road trip to York

I have to say, living in the UK, I haven’t explored this country as much as you would imagine. A tourist could probably tell you more about the different parts of UK to visit more then I could! I am trying to change this.

My husband suggested going to York for the day as it’s one of the top ten places to go to in the United Kingdom (by Tripadvisor, and we do everything by tripadvisor) From Derby, it was roughly a hundred miles away and took us an hour and a half (considering the road works on the M1 slowing traffic way down). We left in the morning after Jana had had her breakfast and was cozying in for a nap. She was strapped into her car seat and fell asleep ten minutes into the journey.image

Luckily I had wrapped Jana up nice and warm in a scarf and jacket, even had her small blanket. I didn’t realise how cold it would be! We took our trusted pushchair into the city centre and headed for the shambles market. Back in the day, this was lined by butchers shops. The tops of the houses stand so close together almost as if they were going to touch. The term shambles, meaning a mess, was interestingly derived from this street name due to the arrangement of the buildings. We made our way through the bumpy path towards the cathedral. Let me just add here, despite all the steps and the bumpy paths and the fact that it seemed like a very unfriendly place to take children, there were a lot of prams being pushed around with very small babies. We managed just fine with our toddler.

The York Minster was a fine sight! Absolutely stunning piece of work. One of the worlds largest cathedrals that took 250 years to build! Speechless. Apparantly one of the only two cathedrals in the world with it’s own police force. The weather got extremely cold at this point. Strong gust of wind blew us side to side. We ran and took shelter inside the cathedral. Jana has been super weird when it comes to strangers. She hates crowded places. She hates small spaces and absolutely hates being indoors in a strange new place. So naturally the minute I wheeled her inside the building, she wailed at the top of her lungs only to be pushed right back out. I thought at least one of us should get to see the structure from inside so I let my husband have a look inside.image



We walked around the little streets just exploring and came across an inn. This was the building that Guy Fawkes was born in and was now known as the historic Guy Fawkes Inn. I had no idea he was born in York. I feel shameful for being so horrifically unaware of such significant happenings in our world. I want to set a better example for baby Jana! (Just can not seem to control my temper with daddys mess in the house though…) I want her to ask questions about everything and in return I want to be able to give her the information that she’s looking for. Too much to ask?

Moving on, we had a wonderful lunch at Strada, pizza and salad. We got Janas food warmed up that I’d made at home. She managed to eat quite a bit. (Means less stressed out mummy!) My husband always sources out the best places to go, food to eat. So naturally he had a place he wanted to try in York. It was called the Shambles Kitchen. It was a very nice quaint little place and absolutely packed with people. We only got a green juice from there since there was no place to sit with Jana.

Last but not least, walking back to where we’d parked our car, was a castle (well the remains of a castle that omce stood there.) It had a lot of stairs to get to the top and I was a bit reluctant at first. Then I thought, why not? We’ve come all this way and I wanted to check it out. It’s called Cliffords tower. I grabbed Jana and my husband carried all the bags and the stroller. That would have been an amazing workout for me a year ago but that day it just exhausted me!

We took a panoramic shot of the inside of the tower. I love panoramic shots by the way. I just love how it captures everything! It’s an amazing city worth checking out. There’s a lot more to do like museums, the York dungeon, Opera house etc but of course we were limited. This gets me in the mood to explore more historic countries. We’re booking a holiday soon to a beautiful city full of history. Can you guess where?

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3 thoughts on “Road trip to York

  1. thatemily says:

    I love York, it’s a beautiful city and somehow has a very different atmosphere (no better or worse in my opinion) than its neighbouring towns! Great blog post πŸ™‚


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