Week 5 – The End

The final week has come and gone! To say that I haven’t learnt anything from that experience of living alone, would be a lie but I am pretty sure I will be back to my lazy self once I see my mother in law back around the house, in the kitchen. You know how it is? I guess I’m just relaxed when she’s around like you would be when your mum is over! 

I am truly blessed, alhamdulilah, for being surrounded by amazing people. We visited Jana’s cousin (who lives right down the street) a couple of times, went to the park, played games all day long, hubby was completely supportive of everything I did or suggested what I could do if I was stuck, mum in laws sister is staying over, my brother came over to stay for a couple of days – you get the picture! How is that hard to live with? Ok, I need to cook and clean but who doesn’t? I am happy to have such a beautifully busy house that I have to clean everyday and family I need to cook for. I even found time (made time?) for salah. That means I am actually making progress and maybe even realising you just need to go with the flow especially with kids. You can’ really have a military schedule. (And if you are one of those mums who do, then I would love to hear from you!) 

I had a lot of help from everywhere so there wasn’t much cooking to do just the general clear up after Janas messes. This is how everyday is. It’s unpredictable and I love it. 


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