Going on a ‘Diet’ 


Ever since I gave birth to Jana, I haven’t really ‘controlled’ what I ate, mainly because I was breastfeeding her (and still am!) and I didn’t want to compromise the quality or quantity of milk because I ‘should’ lose weight. It’s over a year now and mashAllah Jana loves to eat and is willing to try new things a lot of the time. She’s even beginning to enjoy cows milk which means she’s ready to be weaned off me! So in light of all this (the light is the one that went off in my head) I decided I should now reduce the huge number of meals I have in the day and resume to eating like a normal human being. 

I went on a very heathy eating journey right before I got pregnant and I absolutely loved the amount of energy I had eating such a wide variety of foods and more of it! It wasn’t easy the first time around and I don’t expect it will be this time either but I hope to make healthy eating a lifestyle choice and not just a ‘diet’ for a few weeks. I’m very excited, surrounded with a lot of paper work, reading up on dos and donts of the next 8 weeks, planning meals in my head and so on. 

The belly. Needs. To go.


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