Catching you up to Jana’s hectic life

There’s just too much Jana does in a day to update so regularly. I’m going to do a series of short prompts to let you know what’s been going on and to clear my head..


Jana has a vocabulary of almost 100 words. (And growing each day as she repeats and understands whatever you say to her)

She understands certain concepts e.g. up, down and will demonstrate this in various forms like using a ball or just going up and down on her tip toes.

She plays games and talks to herself now which I find so cute!

She loves her stuffed toys and treats them as if they were her friends. (Needs her cat and duck first thing in the morning)

She also loves to feed, brush, kiss her animals.

Also sometimes uses it as a security item because she’s not very good with lots of noise or people.

Jana can now string up three word sentences.

She can use the word ‘my’ very well. E.g. my baba, my dodo (milk).

She is still very clingy with me and needs to see me to be comfortable with anyone else…

She loves doing her flash cards and is very good at picking up new words.

Does a very good downward dog. (Puts professional yogis to shame!)

Loves playing outdoors and jumping in muddy puddles. (Any guesses where she picked that up from?)

Decided she wants to call me mummy now. (My guess, she picked it up from the same cartoon involving muddy puddles)

Learns a little too much from the little pink pig.

Started swimming lessons a month ago and is learning to love being underwater!

Loves the bath ever since she started swimming classes.

Had her first haircut by me…In the bath.

Also decided to call her dad daddy instead of her usual baba.

Looks so much cuter in a onsie as she waddles in it from one end of the house to the other.

I love love love watching her grow and I’m beginning to develop separation anxiety thinking I won’t be a part of every single second of her day as she grows older. I’m the biggest baby ever.


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