Health Issues


You might remember me complaining of a bad back around two months ago. It surprised me that the pain hadn’t disappeared like it had done six months prior to this pain when I had a similar episode which only lasted two days. I have been getting on with my daily routine as usual (except sometimes when the pain is really bad, I tend to be really bent) there was a point when it was difficult to stand up straight! I avoided bending down to pick up things and minimised any kind of strain. When I finally made it to my appointment with the physiotherapist, she did some checks and said I was fine and needed to continue my exercises. I will admit I’m not very good at routine but since my extremely low vitamin D levels I have been making it a point to take my meds on time and now, doing my excercises daily!

Just to rule out anything major my husband set an appointment for me to get an MRI scan done. The results were back quickly as my husband got his hands on them first at the surgery. It didn’t look so great. All this time I thought everyone was blowing my back problem way out of proportion and making it worse then it actually was. It was in fact quite bad (a common problem but still bad). I had a bulging disc and two very worn discs. I was very shocked and I didn’t expect it to show anything at all. I thought it was merely a muscle spasm. The sciatic pain in my leg was what troubled me more then my back pain. Anyhow, I’m lying here at the end of a very long day, and very thankful that despite my bad back I am in good health and surrounded by people that look after me! This is merely a wake up call to start looking after myself better. I don’t think I’ve ever really been careful in any aspect of my life. Since Jana came into my life things have changed drastically. I have changed drastically.

So now I am extra careful when it comes to lifting heavy things like Jana. I avoid lifting her if I can. I’m on regular pain killers to help me do my exercises better and on the way to making myself physically stronger to avoid any complications in the future. Come to think of it, I was in perfect condition when I was working out regularly. A teething toddler makes things quite difficult to find that perfect balance… *sigh*


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