Grumpy Teething Baby

Although I’m so glad Jana will soon have more then her four front teeth, it doesn’t come so easily and definitely throws your entire day/week/month out the window! This past week Jana has gone off any kind of solid that is fed to her, only nibbling on finger foods in the smallest portions known to man. I feel so bad sometimes when I can see she’s clearly frustrated with the constant (?)pain and there’s not much I can comfort her with. I tend to place food in front of her in hopes she might take interest and take a bite or two. She liked ice cream (who doesn’t? ) it was her second ever ice cream this week and I don’t know if that’s a good thing that I’ve introduced her to this dessert! I was an addict when I was a kid! Although I’ve always believed that I would never give my child sweet foods to fill in for her not having had her meals, I’m allowing this because she’s in pain and might be soothing on her gums. It’s either that or my finger…


Let’s hope she gets her appetite back in time for our holiday next week.


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