Eighteen Months On

Today my tiny little friend turns one and a half years old. It’s amazing how much time and effort goes into bringing up a child, something you only realise once you become a parent. I’ve taken care of my younger baby cousins but never once imagined what goes on behind the scenes. I feel blessed for every day I wake up to her smiling face, Alhamdulilah! May Allah keep her in His protection forever and bless her with good health.

I wanted to share some her latest milestones and all the funny things she does in a day that make me laugh!

  • She has always loved music since she was a tiny little bean and can now actually sing a song! I was laying next to her in bed while she was yapping away constantly when I realised what she was doing. She was singing wheels on the bus with an extended awllllllllll daaaaaaaaaay (All day long). She can’t really sing in a melody but sings it anyway!
  • She can count upto 10. When she turned 16-17months she started repeating numbers and would say 1, 2, 3 but wouldn’t really know any order. Now she can count all the way up to ten (but tends to start from 5).
  • Jana has moved onto alphabets. When she spots random letters written on billboards or pieces of paper, she will start saying random letters. She can only go upto the letter E.
  • She recognises relatives and even uses the proper terms to refer to everyone. E.g. Dadu – Grandmother (Saqib’s mum), Nani – Grandmother (My mum), Dada, Nana, Khala (My sister), Taya-abu (Saqib’s older brothers), Thai (Brothers Wives), Mamu (My Brothers). She also knows all her cousins names although she can’t pronounce it too well and has her own version. I find it so adorable and don’t really want to correct her!
  • She recognises her own name and refers to herself either as Jana or Jaja. I prefer jaja personally!
  • She loves playing games especially when you chase her around the house. She runs at the speed of light and throws herself on the carpet so you can tickle her.
  • Although she’s a right madam at home, she can be extremely shy with new people and tends to hide behind me when approached. She also does this with her youngest cousin who is seven months older then her. They have a love hate relationship.
  • Says ‘Thank you mummy’ and ‘I love you’ ‘I miss you’. It’s the damnest thing.

Happy 18 months my beautiful little poopy pants.


Hides toy in shoes.


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