The Big News

So, remember a couple of months ago I mentioned in a blog post that there was some pretty exciting news that I couldn’t reveal at that time? Well even if you can’t remember I will tell you and no, I’m not pregnant.

My husband has an agent who, from time to time, would send him job vacancies abroad specifically the middle east. There was no real reason for us to think about it too seriously and so it was always just brushed aside. The latest job offer however was a bit more appealing and so we decided to go ahead with. We didn’t think he could get offered as soon as the same day of the interview but they did! This got us really excited and thinking about our future. Can we do this? We’d be leaving both our families behind. Jana would be away from her grandparents, uncles, aunties, cousins. Should we do this? It’s probably the best time since Jana doesn’t go to school yet. When we got super excited things started to slow down and it seemed like it wouldn’t happen. That’s when we realised that we did want this. it’s an exciting new adventure. Sure, we’ll be away from family for a while but we may not get another opportunity like this and I, for one, don’t want to think ‘What if..’ at a later stage in life. The process is still…processing. I mean, there’s still a lot of documents to be sent across (and my husband did mention something about not telling anyone just yet….hmm) but that’s my big news!

We’re moving to another continent! Exciting times.



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