Among The Ten Thousand Things

Here’s me trying to catch you up to my not so very busy schedule. There’s a lot of mental preparation going on for some big changes taking place in our household. These include a couple of big milestones for Jana.


First of all I have been trying to potty train Jana for ages but am finding it next to impossible. She hates wearing nappies and cries her eyes out trying to avoid them but at the same time just doesn’t want to sit on the seat. I’ve given her books to read, held her down, distracted her with the little lota, I’ve even got her her own little potty to put where she’s more comfortable but she just won’t have any of it. I got very cross with her for pooing in her nappy and told her off in a way to get her to understand ‘no more poo in your nappy!’ It seems to have made a little sense because she sat on the toilet this morning and very successfully had a poo! Yay! I was such a proud mummy in that moment.

The second big thing is her transition from breast to bottle. She’s approaching the two year mark (Islamically should breastfeed upto two years) and I’ve been trying to find ways to wean her off. I’m trying to avoid going cold turkey as it’s just too heartbreaking for me and for Jana! So I’ve resorted to giving bottles whenever possible, giving her healthy filling meals and snacks so she doesn’t feel the need for a quick feed and I found a bunch of duas to ask Allah to make this process easier for the both of us! (Coz frankly I’m just a scardy cat) To top it all off the timing needs to be perfect because as you all know, I announced the big move which can happen as early as the end of December and that alone can be quite stressful for a baby. I don’t want to wean her off after the move because it’ll just be too hard and the worst timing!

There’s not a lot to update you on in regards to the move. We are still waiting for documents to come back in order to send them off again to the embassy (or yet another office for verification). We’re making mental notes on items we will need straight away and bigger items that we can have sent over later once we move into a more permanent accommodation.  The first three months Saqib will be on probation during which we will be placed in temporary accommodation by the company.

Finally my really good friend is getting married in November and there are a lot of pre wedding celebrations taking place. The best part about this is Jana is getting a lot of much needed exposure to PEOPLE! She seems to be terrified of new people again and don’t even ask about going to people’s houses. The first two dholkis had her screaming and kicking to leave but we made it through and even managed to get her to socialise with other children and grown ups by the third dholki! This is quite an achievement for us! I’ve been told I don’t take her to enough playgroups and I think it’s true. That’s why she’s not getting the exposure needed for her to feel confident.

Jana goes swimming once a week, which is predominantly spent with me and the occasional library visit which is definitely not enough interaction with other children her age. She spends a fair amount of time with her cousins though. I also make an effort to take her anywhere I go whether it’s the supermarket or a cafe.

I’m content for now even if she’s not spending the most time socialising. I’m not going to put pressure on Jana or myself for this to happen quicker then it needs to. I’m making do perfectly and I’m hoping to get her into nursery after the move which should help hopefully. For now, I love her newest party trick – singing random lyrics to her favorite nursery rhymes and if she’s especially missing someone, she’ll throw their name in the mix. She’s the best.



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