NYC – Concrete Jungle.

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I came, Iย saw, I conquered! Having come back from New York, I feel like I have conquered the highest peaks of the K2 – ok, might be exaggerating just a tad. It was just such a physically exhausting trip but exhilarating at the same time knowing we were in the big apple. There was a certain feeling of stardom about the city – let’s just say it was the equivalent of having seen a celebrity. Perhaps I’ve seen it in Hollywood movies so many times, you think about the history of the streets and the people that have walked them. We were lucky to have my mother in law travel with us – it certainly made it easier when Jana got a little difficult. (and also made it easier to go explore the city at night while Jana slept!)

Our first hotel was situated right next to central park – which was amazing because we saw it in different lights of the day and got to enjoy various aspects. i.e. Early morning run (jet lag drove us out of our hotel room at 4am.), horse carriage ride, central park zoo. The main focus was kept on Jana and activities to keep her occupied and happy. We were successful for the most part but when the heat got too much she was bound to get groggy. One thing Jana doesn’t do anymore is sleep on her own. She hasn’t slept in the pushchair since our Turkey trip – she was a little younger then. It kind of threw our schedules off when we had to stop every time she needed a nap.
Our to-do list was quite long considering we only had ten days and a lot of family to see at the same time. As you can imagine we didn’t even get halfway down our list! Jana had four teeth break through while on this trip and so of course, she didn’t eat a thing. Despite all this, both of us enjoyed ourselves. Our hotel was perfect. 1 hotel on 6th. We stayed here for four nights before we went over to Jersey to stay with family for the weekend. When we returned to the city we had decided to stay downtown. Our hotel was situated at ground zero. It was only a few days before 9/11 and we could see there were lots of preparations taking place along with a lot of security. They’ve built a beautiful memorial for those lost in the tragic event.

The statue of liberty was a lot smaller then I’d imagined! I visited this on a couple of occasions, once via ferry coming from Jersey and second when I took a chopper ride over New York city. Both fantastic experiences. I would love to go on the helicopter ride again with family or friends preferably. I ended up going on my own as my husband is afraid of heights and I needed someone to look after Jana anyway. If you’re brave you can ask to be seated in the front with the pilot before they assign you a position. I asked too late once they had weighed everyone and seated them according to it. Definitely a better view!

If you’re thinking of going in the summer just remember to stay well hydrated! I think I was worried about Jana’s hydration levels I completely forgot about me! (considering I was mostly just breastfeeding the little thing as she hardly ate) I almost passed out from the heat and had to take a few minutes to recover. I was also the only one without a hat – keep your head covered! Make sure to pack hats for kids too.

The thing I loved best about the city was the fact that they had tons of parks, museums, carousels etc for children. The parks were amazing – covered – with slides, swings and a lot of them with fountains for children to run through. I tried imagining myself living there and bringing Jana out all the time. I can definitly see us doing that. I’ll be putting more pictures from the visit on a seperate post – stay tuned!


Here’s a list of places worth visiting while in NYC:

  1. Central Park – This includes the zoo, horse carriage (although you could probably walk it or if you have older children, hire some bikes!)
  2. Manhattan museum for children.
  3. Brooklyn bridge.
  4. Jane’s Carousel on the New York side of the Brooklyn bridge.
  5. Gugenheim Museum. (we missed out – but go without children if you can)
  6. Rockefeller observation deck.
  7. Times square, of course. The toy stores in Times Square are worth visiting if you’re feeling generous – Disney & Toys’r’us.
  8. Carlo’s Bakery. You can’t leave without trying! The original store is in Hoboken, New Jersey but there’s also another situated in Times Square.
  9. Halal guys.
  10. Olive Garden in Times Square serves amazing food. (giant portions by the way so keep in mind!)
  11. Norma’s Kitchen for breakfast is a must.
  12. Balthazar breakfast in Soho. Again, we missed out. Didn’t have enough days to do breakfast here.
  13. Jack’s wife Frieda’s kitchen. Very suave.
  14. Polo Club. The one and only open only in New York. Excellent.
  15. 230 fifth for drinks. Rooftop. Amazing views.

There are some more obvious places I haven’t listed. I’ve put down recomendations for places to eat that we loved and also some places we never got to visit.


12 thoughts on “NYC – Concrete Jungle.

  1. Jonno says:

    Really good article on New York and I especially love the main photo, it’s fantastic. Never visited but hoping to get there next spring so you’ve given me lots to think about.


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