Rocky Roads

The last three weeks have been the peak of rocky roads with my toddler which has brought out a lot of ugly colours in me I never want to see again, along with some very intimately wonderful moments of tears and laughter.

Version 2

The week before Jana caught a bug we had some pretty major milestones which caught me by surprise and had me thinking how fast time has passed (as you do when everything is fine and dandy and immediately regret once things start going downhill). She had her first poop on the toilet (sorry for such graphic content and yes I know I’ve mentioned this in a previous post but it was a pretty big deal) She was successfully having three decent meals and a couple of snacks during the day and was slowly starting to wean herself off the breast without me trying too hard, which is what I had wanted to try but didn’t antiscipate her responding so quickly!

So as I was in process of thinking ‘Aww my baby all grown up’ Jana caught a bug, got unwell with a high temperature and the works. Runny nose, clingy-ness, coughing, crying, whining. It just wouldn’t stop. It was the longest week of my life, I kid you not. I had this extrememly clingy child who would cry bloody murder if annyone tried to approach her. She would scream because she was hungry but would not let me out of her sight for even a second so I could prepare a simple meal for her. She also would not eat anything I made anyway. She would just want boob. All. Day. Long. When I couldn’t take it I’d end up screaming at her, which is horrible I know but I was frustrated and had no outlet. This vicious cycle had to stop! That’s when I thought of getting her into nursery as soon as she was better. She was doing so well before all this it was as if she had gone back a few months to her little clingy self who still had trouble eating.

So our big milestone for this week was first day at nursery! I got her registered, I got her appetite back to some extent and got booked for three trial days at our local nursery. I was nervous as hell but I was also optimistic that it would change her for the better. A big part of me thought it was a little selfish considering I’m not a working mum, why would I put her through this? But I needed her to understand how to socialise with other human beings. Mummy needed jusssssst a little time alone to recuperate and look after her better! Good enough reason I think. She did well considering the kind of baby she is. She spent her first day with me by her side. The second day I left her after about twenty minutes and there were some tears. I called up regularly to check on how she was doing. I couldn’t hear loud screaming in the back and took it as a good sign. The third day went better then I expected with her walking all the way to the classroom and being dropped off without crying. It was her daddy I was having issues with! He said he wasn’t ready with Jana going off to nursery just yet.

So I’m kind of back to square one. Come Wednesday, we will see if Jana gets to start nursery properly (be it for a month or so before we move).



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