Things I’ve Learnt..


  1. Never underestimate the power of Dua (prayer)
  2. The art of hanging the washing out on the line in order to get maximum dry, crease free clothes.
  3. Always clear the air when there’s a misunderstanding. People love to talk about everyone’s mistakes.
  4. I tend to stare at people in gatherings without a clue as to what they’re on about. 😱
  5. I should have listened to my mother
  6. I have no better friend and companion then my husband.
  7. How much I want more kids even though the one I have is too much to handle right now.
  8. I have too much of an ego problem.
  9. I love cleaning up my daughters bedroom and organising all her toys in a certain order.
  10. I love making lists.

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