It Just Got Real

We’ve just had a very chilled out day with Saqibs annual leave, we took Jana to the town centre, did a bit of shopping had some delicious food and got home in time for the monkeys nap. I sat next to Saqib as he pulled out his phone to show me an email he just received. Flight booked for December the 13th. It just sank in a little more. A little more excitement, a tad more nerves, a few more butterflies and maybe a tiny monster doing somersaults in my stomach. It just got even more real. 

My days consist of constantly procrastinating over what needs to be done but hardly getting much done in a day. I’ve packed up to nine boxes, one of which has been taped and stacked in the upstairs room to be shipped after the three month probation period ends and we move into a more permanent accommodation. Nine of those boxes are filled with fragile China plates and tea cups. I even got those fragile warning stickers to put on the boxes. I started packing my box of shoes that I don’t need until a bit later. I’ll probably take four or five pairs with me (because I’m not completely sure how hot/cold it will be!). Saqib managed to tape up two big boxes of his items and stacked next to my lonely box upstairs. My boxes required more work put in though, now I’m at an easier stage where I don’t have to bubble wrap everything individually. It is definitely getting real. 


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