When The Move Happened

So I’m writing in the very little pockets of time I have away from socialising and holidaying in our new home! I know, it’s crazy – I already have a social life here? It just feels like a very long holiday with an added guilt every time your child says she wants to go home. But this is your home now. How do I tell her that? How could an almost two year old understand that? 

Alhamdulilah, the move has been easier then I expected. Qatar has been good to us! It’s an interesting place with people from all across the globe. It kind of reminds me of back home (Libya) that might be why I love it so much already! There are endless activities for Jana to do: parks, soft play, arcades, swimming you name it. I’m trying to get my head around the fact that my guilt might end up making my child a teeny bit spoilt?  In the week we’ve been here Jana has shown a lot of maturity in accepting this place. Of course it’ll take a while before she really starts missing home but she’s made it easier for me to like this new home. We’ve moved at a time when the temperature is cool so it’s safe to say at this minute that the weather is pretty good too! The summer is meant to be unbareably hot! Let’s savour this moment while we’re here. 

This is just a week since our move but we’re settling in just fine and I can see our family growing here inshallah. I can definitely see myself getting used the social life here and of course the endless benefits of having a maid. 


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