Time Will Tell


It’s approaching the two week mark this weekend (weekend here is Friday and Saturday in case you didn’t know). We’ve acclimatised ourselves a little more. We have a better idea of what malls have the better food variety, the supermarkets, children’s stores. We’ve compared prices of essentials like nappies, make up wipes, tooth paste (exported items prices hit the roof!) Yes, we work quite quickly like that. My husband is very military like that and I’ve learnt a thing or two in order to stay organised with our toddler! 

Although the image above says otherwise, it’s been a little less of a holiday. There have been some tears and tantrums, bickering and apologies and then there’s Jana. She’s the star of this show. Mashallah she’s been doing really well. As compared to last week, she’s not asking for her grandparents as much and is content in knowing they will visit soon. (One set of grandparents to visit on New Years, the other set still unknown) she misses her cousins and got really upset after face timing them one day. She later declared ‘No more holiday. Finish new house.’ It broke my heart! I had to get a grip and deal with her. She’s strong though. She knows what’s going on, she just allows me to distract her enough not to think of home. 

We’re planning to check out beaches around the coast this weekend. It’s meant to rain but the temperature is still quite high. It’s just these apartments that get reeeeeeallly cold! (I gave away all my warm hoodies and cardigans to my sister before we moved!). Some fun activities planned for my little trooper. Oh and she’s already made a friend! Her confidence has grown since we spend a lot of time at parks where a lot of children approach her. She’s very infatuated by a little girl we met at dinner one night. Let’s hope this friendship grows into something beautiful for the both of them. 


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