A Place to Ponder

Sitting here, on the fourth floor of our accommodation building, where the park and pool is located, I ponder over our achievements/hardships since moving home. Our eyes still find it incredibly hard to adjust to the raw sunlight as we walk out of our building onto the foyer. A couple of fights break out in the playground amongst the toddlers. They seem to be at war for a couple of days now. You can see one mum complain to the other about scars on her child’s face from previous confrontations.
Jana has found a friend in an older girl she sees at the park regularly. They started addressing each other as big Jenna little Jana. Although her name is spelt differently, they’re both pronounced similarly. She’s a very sweet little girl. We’ve also managed another friend that lives in our floor called khadija. They took an instant liking to each other. (Janas been showing some signs of aggression towards the other children by hitting and pulling hair. Maybe some frustration due to the move? I’m not really sure) so although Jana has a decent number of people she can call friends already, she can’t manage more then a half hour of play.
I’ve seen a big improvement in her confidence. She’s able to walk away from me and take part in playground activities without stressing too much about my whereabouts. She’s also louder and feistier! She can play on her own for a long number of time.
I’ve found myself more relaxed and actually having fun playing with Jana! I’m also starting to enjoy cooking (a little bit). The sunshine is possibly one of the biggest factors effecting my mood. This has me helped me think in another direction in regards to education for Jana. I’ve been steering towards homeschooling and have been researching quite a bit about it. There is so much help out there with curriculums and planned schedules for your so-and-so year old. It’s fantastic! The hubby isn’t so keen though so I might do these activities with Jana while I’ve still got her at home with me and see how they work out. I will post an update on this to tell you how it goes! I would love to hear from anyone who has experience in this field at all too.


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