Toddler Activity – Surfaces

We decided to take the classroom outside today and explore different surfaces. A toy car is the best way to get started. It rolls and gets children pretty excited! 

I talked to Jana about looking for a slope and how the car will roll downhill. There are plenty of slopes to play around with in our building so we started with a small slope. She was really astonished to see the car go all by itself! She ran around and did it over and over. It didn’t take her long to realise that the car doesn’t need much of a push to start rolling because it ends up falling to its side and not rolling at all. She then carefully gave it a push every time she took it to the top of a slope. It was quite windy out and once the car rolled to the end of the slope, the wind carried it along a little further which resulted in a little science lesson too. She was intrigued that the wind could do this and would wait to see how far it would carry it. ‘Wait for wind’ she said. 

We took the toy car to a little bridge. The surface was slightly bumpy which resulted in the car flipping over at a certain point. So Jana took it over to another slope she pointed out all on her own. She turned the car backwards to see if it rolled the same way (and it did). 

She also tried other surfaces like stairs and straight surfaces too realising it doesn’t have the same effect. 

It might be a fun activity to roll the car on top of noisy surfaces e.g. Tissue paper, foil or even painted paper so the tyres make marks. Softer surfaces would have a different impact on the direction of the movement. You can also point out the direction in which the car is moving I.e. Up, down, or even fast and slow. 

We picked some flowers on the way back to our room and talked about the colours, smell and our Creator of all these beautiful things. 



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