Toddler Activity – Painting 

So we bought some new paints for Jana because she’s been asking to paint (she’s never done it before but all her favourite cartoons do it all the time!) I thought I would make it (a little) educational (as educational as can be with an almost two year old) so I bought some sponges to cut out as alphabets and use as stamps with the paints.  

I don’t have a lot of equipment at home right now so I had to make do with what I had. I managed to cut out a triangle for the ‘A’ but couldn’t cut the middle out so decided to stick with shapes for the day! As this is all very new Jana wasn’t very keen on getting her hands dirty. She demanded to have her hands washed every time the paint touched her fingers. She played around with the different colours and what it looks like on different coloured paper. She also had a go with the triangle stamps (she enjoyed this more). 

I encouraged her to dip her fingers in the paint and do a little finger painting (sensory play) she did eventually like the idea and tried stamping the paper using her fingers but quickly decided she would rather have her hands washed! 

This is a fun activity with a toddler where you can introduce alphabets to them or shapes and colours. We’ve decided to do alphabet of the week starting with the letter ‘A’ this week and incorporating the triangle shape in her play. I’ve been pointing out all the words that start with the letter ‘A’ in her books, flash cards etc. Painting this way can help the child recognise the shape of the alphabet. You can try drawing the shape with a paintbrush too if your child is a little older. 

We’ve cut out the letter that Jana painted and stick them in the hallway of our apartment so Jana can see it all the time. 


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