Toddler Activity – Sensory Sand Play

This week hasn’t been much for painting at all. We’ve been making the most of our very amazing park facilities in the building, which includes a sand pit. I’m impressed and if it weren’t for the security on duty, I’d be rolling around in it myself.

We’ve been visiting the sand pit as we got a bucket and spade for baby J finally! She felt she needed them when in fact she has more fun doing without. First day, she called for me constantly to come sit with her and play but wouldn’t know what exactly to do. She’d end up throwing sand in the air which would then inevitably land in her hair (harder to wash out then I thought!). We took a friend with us on the second day. Jana’s at the age where she copies every thing another child might be doing. This friend of hers is a year older (and braver) she was jumping up and down, rolling in the sand, hoping onto the ledge of the box and balancing herself to walk it all the way around. Jana, of course, copied every thing. The best part about that day was the fact that she shared her new toy with her friend! She usually cries when she I tell her to share but in this instance I asked if her friend could ‘borrow’ her spade and that she would give it back once she was done. This seemed to have made sense to her and she handled it very well.

We take Jana’s socks off (on her request) as she likes to feel the sand in her feet. She now spends a good few minutes just feeling the sand between her toes, touching it with her hands, having a good lie down before she gets to business and starts digging. She mainly likes to deconstruct whatever sand castle we attempt to build. She also likes to hide her Sarah & Duck figurines and look for them again.

A good sensory play would be to introduce different textures to the sand and listen to the sounds the sand makes on paper, foil, plastic. Also adding water and watching what that does to the texture of the sand. You could add a toy that turns and run the sand through it to make it turn.

We also did some hand and feet printing in the sand. Before and after adding water. We did the letter ‘E’ this week in our alphabets and I’m thinking of doing our tracing in the sand (she traces the letters we stick on the walls to help her understand the shape of it). If it’s available to you, you can also purchase letter moulds to make sand moulds to help with alphabets.

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