Staycation at Ritz Carlton

Since being in Qatar it has been a bit lonely every now and then when we find ourselves with nothing to do but hit the malls every evening. We decided to book into a hotel to use swimming facilities etc for the weekend. Driving up to the hotel, the building seemed a bit dated as compared to the buzzing new skyline of Doha. Definitely not the prettiest but once within the vicinity it’s very nice and clean. 

Staff / Service

On arrival at the Ritz Carlton, we got off at the main entrance of the hotel where one of the bell boys valet parked our car. The staff were extremely friendly and welcoming. We then made our way to check in. At this point Jana always seems to get impatient to either get to the room or start on her exploring. This was when a couple of staff members approached her to come check in with them. I honestly thought they were just trying to start a conversation with her so I laughed and told them her dad was doing it already. They then began to tell me that Jana has a separate check in! How adorable! They had a little desk for kids to climb onto and write down their name, age, draw a picture of their favourite animal and a few more details. It was colourful, they had crayons it basically just kept the child interested and busy. Another staff brought a tiny colouring pack with stickers and handed it over to Jana. I thought this was the best welcome ever. If you take care of my child, I will, obviously be less stressed, more happy and relaxed! 


One of the things they mentioned on arrival was that they had a kids cinema they were running for the weekend from 11-4pm. They had a listing of movies showing and a little bar at the back of the room with free popcorn and candies and drinks for the kids! This is such an amazing idea. We only got to go in for a brief time when we were checking out but for people staying for longer can really get use out of this facility. 

The pool area was wonderful. The temperature was perfect and they also had a tiny little bridge you could swim under as well as a waterfall feature. There were lifeguards constantly on duty. Always on alert when a child enters the pool and stand closer to the area. We had tiny glasses of smoothies brought to us constantly. A staff member passed us in the hallway holding a big tray of food and offered us to try some. Yummy in my tummy!


We had to switch our rooms around a couple times due to maintenance works happening on the top five floors of the hotel. It was quite noisy and the bus boy actually took us into a room that had already been checked into!! It would have been embarrassing if we’d actually caught the guest lounging in his room!! We eventually got upgraded to a suite which was incredibly spacious. Most of our time was spent outside so it didn’t really matter what the room was like.  It had a lounging area and a separate room was the bedroom with two bathrooms. 


We had heard reviews about this place serving one of the best brunches in the city – and oh my goodness did it live up to it. There was an amazing selection of foods from Italian to Arabic to Indian. There was a huge table set out just for bread and don’t even get me started on the desserts tables! It started from outside the dining area as that was the only room left for it. I would say there was just too much choice. The first day I behaved and ate as much as my body would allow not completely filling myself up but the second day I got greedy and just stuffed my face. Totally regretted it afterwards! It ruins the whole experience in my opinion. 

My mother in law is visiting very soon (as is my father in law, for Janas birthday of course!) and we are definitely bringing them here for brunch!






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