Love Yourself

I’ve always believed that the fact that I’m such a sensitive soul is a good thing. I can relate to people better, I listen, I respond, I’m able to sympathise. At least that’s what I thought. 

It turns out it’s not so good. It’s not good for anyone especially not me. I’m very emotional and very erratic. I don’t know how to remain calm. I love with a passion and I hate with vengeance. I also believe when you love someone there should be no stone left unturned in order to make them feel loved. You can see how disastrous it must be to be me? 

I had written the above two paragraphs when I was feeling absolutely worthless and then I (very conveniently) stumbled across a post that reminded me that the way I was feeling on that day is an act of being ungrateful to the One who has created me. My own self-pity and worthlessness had consumed me and I felt like a victim when instead I should have thought of my creator and reminded myself of this temporary world. Nothing belongs to us. We ourselves belong to Him so then why is it that we expect so much of others? Why is it that we rely on people when we should only, really, rely on God and his word that he will provide. All He needs from us is to believe. 
Let’s take a step back from our lives and appreciate and love ourselves a little and thank the Almighty for having created us.  He who created the sun and the moon then decided to create us too. We are not worthless. We have been put here for a reason. 


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