Toddler Activity – Colour Sorting

Janas always been quite quick at picking up words and building sentences and repeating everything we talk about. Colours is the one thing she finds confusing and even when she knows a colour she’ll still be confused. So I decided to create a little fun activity with her. 


The aim of this activity is to help the child recognise colours. 

How it works:

You get a bucket or a basket of some sort to collect items in ( it can even just be a plastic bowl which might work better as you can see the objects better). We had a Halloween bag that Jana absolutely loves. ( just to get her to take interest ) I thought we’d start with a fairly easy colour – yellow, as there lots of yellow objects lying around. We made our way around the rooms and her toys and collect any item that was yellow all the while pointing out and talking about the colour yellow. ‘Is that yellow?’ ‘Where’s the yellow?’ 

Once you’ve done that you can come back empty your basket and look at all the yellow items! It helps to remind them of the colour yellow throughout the day. Maybe even serve them yellow foods all day – yellow banana, yellow custard, yellow cantaloupe. It gets them excited to talk about the colour and soon will start pointing out the colour themselves! 

I’m thinking of doing another colour game with the same colour until she gets what ‘yellow’ looks like! Then we can move on to our next colour but still remind her of colours you’ve looked at. 

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