Essentials for a New Home


It’s overwhelming enough, as it is, moving to a new country and finding out where to get essentials for a new home. It’s nerve racking having to do a house up from scratch (but oh so exciting all at the same time!) This is also one of the most exciting projects happening right now and I am super excited to share this list with you of items that I thought were absolutely necessary before moving into your new house. 

I compiled it when thinking of all the essentials I’ll need to help me run the house whilst taking care of my demanding toddler. (With the help of my mother in law) It was lucky we had temporary accommodation without the hassle of move out dates (still got a fair bit of time before we need to move out) and so we could take our time with big purchases. 

Start from the kitchen:

  • Hob – here we’ve got the option of gas and electric with electric being the most common one (surprisingly). We opted for gas and so we had to get some extra bits done in order to have this ready to use. 
  • Fridge 
  • Washing machine – because there’s always laundry to do. 
  • Drying rack – already purchased this when we moved into hotel accommodation. 
  • Cleaning supplies – broom, mop, detergent, sponges, wash cloths and other cleaning items for kitchen and bathrooms. 
  • Pots & pans and kitchen utensils – these are all being cargoed from England as I already had all these items. Hopefully they will arrive in time!

Moving onto bedrooms & bathroom:

  • A bed! – we started doing the guest room up first so we could take longer to chose furniture in our room. 
  • Wardrobe – a good idea might be to get those free standing temporary ones from ikea. Good price and does the job!
  • Bed covers, sheets, pillows, duvet. 
  • Towels

Living area & rest of house:

  • Sofas – a big purchase but definitely a must. Don’t want to struggle to sit down in the evenings when you want to relax!
  • Curtains/blinds – these can be done even once you’ve moved in. We haven’t got any overlooking houses so we’ve decided to do them after. 
  • Rugs – since our house consists entirely of tiles we need rugs everywhere!
  • Paint – we didn’t like the yellow paint in our and so got the entire house painted with some feature wall accents in some of the bedrooms. 

Everything else can be done with a bit more time to think and more research and shopping around. I think bigger items should be of better quality instead of having to buy again within a year so id rather spend more on beds, dinning table, wardrobes etc. 

This is our first home together and I can not believe the clashes were having over furniture and decor but also a lot of fun discovering this new side!! 


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