3 Steps to get Organised Before Moving House 

I’ve had a recent very big move in my life which made me realise all the organising that goes behind packing your belongings. I have move number two coming up (into permanent accommodation in Doha) which is minor compared to the first one nevertheless we still need to be just as organised. The good thing is we have our accommodation and can start taking things over straightaway. (Lack of furniture in the new house is the only thing stopping me!) so let’s take a look at how well to organise yourself.

1. Declutter 

The best part about moving to a new house (whether it’s moving country or simply down the street) is that it gives you a chance to do a big declutter of the entire house. This is very tedious work when your embedded into your home. You get used to the clutter, you create odd relationships with your clutter and why you need it there. 

When deciding on what to get rid of, you need to visualise your new place and think where in that house will this item go. Say you have all these extra wires you saved just in case you ever found the device that goes with it, there is no drawer in the new house ready to be filled by this so it has to go! You need to be less attached in order to have a good thorough clean out. 

Part with old clothes (or new ones that you’ve just never worn and probably never will) if you haven’t worn them in a year you probably won’t wear them ever. Create bags and donate to charity. You’re cleaning and doing a good deed!

2. Organise & Label Clearly

Make sure you have some nice sturdy boxes for your belongings. Once you’ve decluttered one area, get some newspaper to wrap your items one by one and secure them in padding (this can just be your clothes you won’t need straight away ) Try to keep the boxes a certain weight. Don’t risk adding too many things in one box and causing it to tear. Once he box has been filled up double duct tape it all around and make sure to clearly label every box! It’s hard enough packing everything but unpacking will be a nightmare if you don’t know what’s in what box!!

3. Stop stressing out!

If you have the luxury of slowly shifting your boxes over to the new house, that’s fantastic! If you don’t, don’t panic. It’s always nice to get family or friends to help out during this time. (Family always tends to have useful advice – especially mothers!) you have your necessities with you and that’s all you need for now. Enjoy this time. The kitchen is the first thing I wanted to sort out as I need constant snacks and meals for my toddler but if you don’t have that worry, eat out. Building a new home should be a fun time, find the fun in little things. Good luck!


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