How to Make the Most of Your Day in 7 steps

There are some days that simply don’t have enough hours to complete your never ending list of things to do. So don’t fret have a look at the list below – these are things we all know but sometimes fail to do. This is a gentle reminder for everyone, including myself! This is what has helped me (on most days!) to keep going – some points I’m still trying to incorporate into my life. 

  1. Rise early – It’s difficult when you’ve been up at nights putting your baby back to sleep but rising early will give you the opportunity to do things you wouldn’t otherwise have time for. I wake up and do a general clear up of the house in order to make room for the new mess in the day ahead! Also I try to do a little morning yoga routine which leads me to my next point. 
  2. Excercise – it doesn’t have to be first thing in the morning. My body works better having worked out first thing (studies have shown more effectiveness in excercising first thing too) I feel energised and awake! It could simply be a 15-20 minute walk around your block. And hey, it releases happy hormones! You’ll end up feeling good for it. 
  3. Eat right – I have a lot of friends who just don’t have breakfast. That is the most exciting meal of my day! Eating right fuels your body, fights fatigue, keeps you happy! You need the nutrients in the morning to help your body work through the day. Start by having your favourite piece of fruit then slowly working towards a bowl of porridge with it or egg and toast – my favourite! 
  4. Focus on one important task – you surely have lots to do every day but thinking of getting every single task done can be overwhelming and can also cause you anxiety. Instead focus on one big job and once that’s done you can move on. 
  5. Make time for something you love – it’s easy to say and not so easy to implement. It can be a hobby like knitting or sketching or even reading a new book that your friend recommended! You could possibly even try out a new hobby. 
  6. Feed your soul – being away from my prayers has always made me ratty and irritable. This is something that feeds my soul and keeps me calm and positive. There are other forms of this like giving charity or visiting the sick and elderly. They remind you of our creator and keep us humble. 
  7. Reset – at the end of the day make time to reassess and look back at what you achieved and get to bed early to recharge for a brand new sunshine full of energy! Remember it’s the quality of your sleep not quantity so sleep early to rise early. 

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