Home Decor – Colour Palettes 

When deciding on what colour palettes to go for all the rooms in the house, I already had a few colours in mind that I’d always wanted in my house. I stuck to those and then found some inspiration on Pinterest to help me visualise it better. Here are some of the ideas I came up with:

Guest room:

This is a nice four by four room on the first floor with plenty of light coming in during the day. I’ve decided to keep it light and airy with some white furniture. I’m thinking of getting an accent wall with a rose stencil I found online in a duck egg colour. (I love that colour right now! & also loving greys) The wall in front of the bed where the dressing table will go will have the stencil on it. I’ll have matching duck egg coloured voile curtains to go with it. I can also mix it up with some vibrant colours such as yellow in the form of cushions and throws.


Mainly Janas playroom, part guest room part library for me! This will be a multi purpose room really. It’s on the ground floor opposite the kitchen, easy access for me. The best place to have Jana play while I get on with ‘important’ cooking duties! Also a great place to relax during the day – I’m thinking of creating a little reading nook in one corner next to my books. This room will also have a day bed. I can use it for Janas naps during the day – saves me from going up and down all day (easier to keep an eye out for her too).  I’ve had one wall painted lavender. I really wanted to have it pink but again, hubby would not agree! I will be getting a cloud stencil to go on this wall which will be where Janas toys go.


Janas bedroom:

This room is upstairs opposite the guest room. She still sleeps in the same bed as us and hopefully by the time her room is furnished and more appealing to her she will willingly want to sleep here!! (Looking forward to that day). I’ve had the ceiling painted a sky blue and have yet to stencil it with a star stencil. Jana is obsessed with the moon therefore I’m considering adding a moon to her sky as well. This room will be a super colourful space for her to play with. I’ve thought of adding some sort of painting or drawing wall to help flow her creativity (and keep her away from drawing anywhere else!) when I was young the best ‘toy’ I remember having was our tent that we’d use indoors for picnics and ‘sleepovers’. Keeping this in mind I want to add a teepee tent in Janas room for her private space. The details are still hazy for the rest of the space!!


This is an open area on the first floor. It’s a bit difficult to work with as it doesn’t have much light coming in at all. I want to keep the devices such as computer, iPad etc here as I’ll be able to monitor usage with the toddler once she’s a little older. Bright furniture and lots of colour for this room will make it seem more open. I’m also thinking of adding a big storage unit because you can never have too much storage! I want a little corner for myself here too just because I can and also because I still have so many ideas and running out of rooms! 

Next in series – Home Decor Part 2


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