Home Decor Continued

More ideas on the rest of the rooms in our house. These are just ideas which can change a lot as you go along. You can’t possibly set your house up in one go. Your house is made up of items you accumulate over the years gathering things from your travels etc.

Master bedroom:

I’ve got one accent wall in grey that goes behind the bed. The bed will have a headboard, most probably will chose dark furniture unless I can find the perfect bed set in grey. We’ve got enough room for a big lounge chair at the end of the room. I also definitely want a cushion storage trunk at the foot of the bed ( because I’m obsessed with cushions) I love colourful statement pieces or accessories with the monochromatic look of the room but haven’t decided on what colours will go best as hubby does not want pink. (It is not a girly colour – says me). There is plenty of wardrobe space, probably need two big wardrobes to fit all our stuff in.

Living room:

There are two parts to our living room one half (where the tv and electronics go), saqib is in charge of and so although I get to veto any ugly furniture, he gets the final say, and in fine with that! He wants a modern living room so, leather sofas in brown/black, dark tv unit, coffee table, floor lamp etc. We’ve even picked out an accent arm chair in green! I know green sounds eugh! But it’s a nice green lifts up the room. The other side of the living room will have a larger set of sofas and possibly another coffee table. I want this side to have plenty of floor cushions, pouffes, wicker stools etc for floor seating.

Dinning room:

We’re not expecting to invite a huge crowd of people at the same time for a seated formal dinner so we’ve both agreed on getting a fairly small round dinning table. With it being round there’s more room to add more chairs to cozy up. I want low hanging wall lamp above the table.


At the end of the dinning area is enough space to add another comfy lounge chair and side table for a bit of solitude. I also want to add seating area as we have a huge area under our stairs to play with. I could either get some seats fitted or just create a floor seating area using an Arabic theme for here.


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