Top 5 Things Inspiring Me Right Now

  1. Islamic geometry – there are so many amazing books on Islamic art and geometry in Doha. I’ve even signed up for a 3 day course coming in March – excited!
  2. Cooking – I’ve always loved baking but only recently have started enjoying cooking in my very own kitchen! New recipes coming soon.
  3. Home shopping – so, for obvious reasons my eyes have been open to any home decor stores and new ideas to add to my blank canvas. ‘The one’ is one of my favourite furniture stores here in Doha, along with ‘boConcept’ (expensive but beautiful!)
  4. Books – I have really been missing reading – online articles is not the same as a hard copy. I’ve got a couple of books lined up that I want to read but lack of book stores and libraries makes it difficult to access any. I was really inspired by this blog, it got me excited to read the world!
  5. Growing my food – As you can probably tell from previous posts or following posts, I’m really into starting my very own garden to grow my food in. Starting with herbs and then maybe get into vegetables one day too. Let’s take small steps though!

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