7 Things to do When Starting Fresh (or wanting to refresh!)

My fresh start means I can be the person I want to be and make the life I want for my family with a brand new start. There are endless things running through my mind but these are right at the top (along with deciding me meals for the day and planning Janas naps…) and I wanted to share with you. 

-I can not stress enough, how much de cluttering your items, makes you feel lighter! Make it a habit, when you buy a new pair of shoes, get rid of an old one. This way you won’t have to make more room and stay clutter free!

-Try new ideas for your home that you always had your eye on but never the courage! Like that plum accent wall for your living room. It will give the room a vibrant look and give you so much more to play with in terms of decor. Check out this post where I talk about colour palettes for the home. 

-Meet your neighbours, talk to them, make an effort, take some food over, have a nice chat! It makes your home even more enjoyable to live in when you can share it with others. 

-Learn to grow your own food. I’ve got an area in the back next to the kitchen that I want to start growing my own herbs to start off with. I’ll be teaching Jana and eating organic at the same time and it’s so much fun too! 

-Organise a weekly meet up with your neighbours whether it’s in the form of a tea party, a cooking class in someones home or a playgroup you could organise if your children are of similar ages. 

-Learn the local language and embed yourself with the locals. Learn their ways, enjoy their music, food, drink. You’ll be more open minded to how people act when you learn more about their environment. 

-Enrol in a course or volunteer to help out in the community this way you get to meet new people of different backgrounds! 

I need to stay super active and connected in order to teach my toddler about socialising and how important it is to be able to communicate with people. I’m an introvert and I find it difficult most days to even approach someone but once I’m out of that fear by taking the first step, it gets easier and trust me you won’t regret it. You’ll feel good for mustering up the energy!


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