Toddler Activity – Water Play

Majority of children love playing with water, being in water or even stomping in water. Jana used to be afraid until after she’d stopped her swimming lessons shed recall everything she’d done in class (which meant she was taking it all in after all! It was phobia of strangers that made her cry) she now loves anything to do with water. We’ve been quite busy with house things and she’s been neglected a little so I thought of doing a little activity for her this morning.


This is sensory play with water. They learn a lot about the functions of water when they splash. They learn about objects that float and sink and also textures and the feel of water.

How it works:

What you need is a bucket of some sort to hold the water in that could also be at sitting height for a child. There are a lot of sand and water play tables available to buy so it could be worth investing in one, I do not own one, I just used what was readily available to me which was a small wagon. We filled it up halfway with water. Jana couldn’t reach it sitting on a chair as it was too low so I laid out a mat out the back door and had her sit on the floor and get wet splashing and exploring.

You can use items like a plastic spoon, cup or anything to fill water in. Also boats or just plastic tubs will do too. Jana spent ages filling up the objects and creating a waterfall before she created a boat out of one of he containers and had her figurine ride it. She realised quickly about balancing her figurine on the boat else the boat fills up and sinks!

There are items such as wheels and funnels that could be fun to use. They can learn if you pour water on wheels they turn. We ended up splashing and jumping on the water that had leaked out the wagon and ended up soaked! This is definitely an outdoor summer activity.

You could add texture by creating bubbles in the water! Let me know in the comments what you created too. Have fun!

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